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The editors of The BioQUEST Library welcome and encourage the development of materials that incorporate and extend BioQUEST community resources for undergraduate biology. In addition to simulations, datasets, and other computer-based tools, we are also interested in reviewing curricular materials that encourage or implement a 3P’s approach to biology education. Some possibilites include: wet lab and field activities, teaching approaches that encourage open-ended problem-solving, investigative cases, modeling activities, methods of integrating biomathematics into the curriculum, and discussions of issues involved in implementing a 3P’s approach to teaching and learning.

  • Share your own classroom experiences with a BioQUEST Library module by sending us your materials and student (permission required) products for posting
  • Add URLs for external links to datasets, implementation strategies, new tools, or publications
  • Attend a BioQUEST workshop and collaborate with other participants on a group project
  • Participatory review : One of the goals of the Library review process is to provide links between developers and potential users during the development process. To this end, each member of the BioQUEST community is encouraged to become part of the development and review process by examining and commenting on newly submitted projects or by suggesting resources for a specific module.
  • Join us as a co-presenter for a workshop or presentation

Materials can be submitted for review and consideration for publication in future volumes of The BioQUEST Library. For information or to submit material for The BioQUEST Library, please contact Sue Risseeuw, Editorial Assistant, at:
BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium
Beloit College
700 College Street
Beloit, WI 53511
Phone: 608-363-2012