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The BioQUEST Library Online is an ongoing peer-reviewed community publication of software simulations, tools, datasets, and other supporting materials from educators and developers engaged in education and research in science.

Collage of BioQUEST Library Module Screenshots
More than forty modules are available including BIRDD (database), BioGrapher (tool), and Java Demography (simulation) shown above.

The modules are now downloadable and freely accessible for educational use per our agreement with individual authors. Teachers, curriculum developers, and students are welcome to download these materials for classroom use. To learn more, see more about the Library.

Module development, peer review, and sharing of resources are essential in to The BioQUEST Library OnLine, so we invite you to contribute. We plan to solicit and link resources relevant to the modules including publications, reviews, curricular activities, and student work.  

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Biology Students Giving Poster Session
Students present a poster on independent assortment using results from their Genetics Construction Kit problem.

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An Introduction to BioQUEST's 3Ps: Problem Posing, Problem Solving, and Persuasion in Biological Investigation."

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Deme 2.0 has been downloaded 13608 times

Leslie/Lefkovitch Matrix Models for Age or Stage-structured Populations has been downloaded 4491 times

Environmental Decision Making has been downloaded 2981 times

3D FractaL-Tree has been downloaded 2456 times

Evolve has been downloaded 2445 times

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