Some Web Links for ICBL

  How to do ICBL, implementation, getting students started, assessment

  1. Using investigative cases in geoscience.
    Comprehensive paper on ICBL, uses environmental microbiology case as full example.

  2. ICBL link on the LifeLines OnLine homepage
    This drop down menu lists topics related to teaching with and developing cases.

  3. Student notes for using cases
    This word document can be modified to fit your circumstances

  4. Case Analysis sheets.
    Document file

  5. BioQUEST 3 Ps approach
    Part of the underlying instructional philosophy of ICBL

  6. Waterman, M.A. and E.D. Stanley. 2004. Doing science collaboratively with investigative case based learning. Strategies for Success, Issue 41, Spring 2004. Longer version with resources also published on March 2004

  7. Stanley, E.D. and Waterman, M.A. Investigative Cases: Collaborative Inquiry in Science. Great Ideas in Teaching Biology. January 2005; Vol. 3: 6-14

    Chautauqua short course program, every summer, supported by NSF. Courses on ICBL.

  Microbiology Cases Used in This Workshop

  1. WNV

  2. Outbreaks

  3. SimBio 2 Modeling

  4. Altoids/Prion case

  5. Goodbye Honeybuckets (arctic microbiology)

  Finding Cases Online

    The LifeLines OnLine ICBL project.

    Workshops listed on LifeLines, but developed at other workshops in 2000

    Cases from a workshop at Emory

    Cases from a G-K-12 project (PRISM) at Emory University

  5. American Society for Microbiology education resources at

    National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science: Clearinghouse for Case Studies in Science

    PBL Clearinghouse: A collection of problems and articles to assist educators in using problem-based learning.

    Information on Microbes Count! book of 40+ lab activities and investigations, available from ASM press

    Link to Microbes Count! at ASM press

  10.,1144,0805371761-VP,00.html Information on purchasing or getting an examination copy of Benjamin/Cummings “Biological Inquiry: A Workbook of Investigative Cases”

  11. Digital Library for Earth Systems Education's link to the resources for undergraduate education These include cases that connect nicely to environmental microbiology.

  12. A listing of investigative cases in DLESE

  Sample Resources for Building ICBL Problem Spaces

  1.   Homepage of the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium, linking to projects and calendars. Information on the BioQUEST Library of software

    Links to problem spaces for HIV, WNV, and prions. Ready to be used for bioinformatics investigations and to be linked to new cases.

    Orientation to Biology WorkBench, a suite of tools for bioinformatics

    Freely available access to a suite of tools and databases for proteomics, genomics investigations.

  5. Most of the cases listed on the LifeLines OnLine site have suggested investigations and some resources.

  6. Including ASM's Microbe World at