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Saturday July 17, 2010      

8:30 AM


3:00 PM

Field Trip to Austin

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

These gardens are designed and managed to teach as well as to inspire and promote the use of native plants. Our gardens show how Texas native plants may be used in many landscapes and garden styles to bridge the gap between people and the natural world

Lady Bird Wildflower Center

Interactive Map

Day Overview

  • We will consider educational outreach strategies as we tour the gardens.


Provide a blog post that introduces a family member to one aspect of the gardens. Include images and/or links to highlight your entry.




July 17th Summary

Case Learning

Plant Science



  • Consider local resources and local expertise when writing a case.

  • Encourage students to explore a museum, arboretum, public garden, grocery store, etc. and develop questions from their experience that can be investigated and then to share their results with others.

  • Consider what you need to know about plant biology to create and maintain a public garden.

    Address this topic in your blog post.

  • Use of the web:
    Access public gardens through their web sites.

  • Students can be asked to choose a page and revise it to reflect their own experiences, questions, or interests.

  • Public Education Specialist

  • Curator

  • Master Gardner

  • Web designer

  • Architect