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Sarah Schubert
Southeast Missouri State University

Amy Kimbrell
Southeast Missouri State University

Jill Buerck
Southeast Missouri State University


Possible Audiences:



Brief Overview:

Blueberry Blues is a case which can be used/modified to educate students about pollen, honeybees, coevolution, allergies, flower and bee anatomy, and paleontology.  


Project Materials:

You will need the case/story and depending on which activities you choose you may need the following: computer with Internet access, "BeeVisit", flower building materials, microscope, microscope slides, doulble sided tape, flowers, metric ruler, and poster paper.  


Resources and References:

See attached PowerPoint and worksheets/lessons where references and resources are provided.  


Future Directions:

A variety of lessons can be created to enhance or extend the story and lessons already provided. We would like to continue working on a pollen identifcation lesson as well as a pollen and weather lesson.  



- BlueberryBluesfinal.ppt
- Casefinal2.doc
- flowerlearningcyle.doc
- PollinationInvestigation2.doc
- SmartBoardExerciseontheSpreadofRagweed.doc
- TheGeologicCoevolutionofPlantandtheirPollinators.doc
- What came first the flower or the insect.docx
- beedecline.doc
- PollenCollection.doc
- allergyproject.doc