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Desiccation Tolerance Data

Gene Phylogeny: Sequences

In the problem space there are files for two gene families, "1Cys-PRX" and "LEA_10". 1-Cys-Peroxiredoxin is an antioxidant and LEA_10 (Late Embryogenesis Abundant) is an "AWPM 19-like" membrane protein that confers increased stress tolerance. It is a member of a family of genes involved in seed maturation and desiccation. Both are abundantly expressed during the (rehydration) DT response of the moss Tortula ruralis and the (dehydration) DT response of the angiosperm Xerophyta viscosa.

The following information has been provided for each gene family:

1-Cys-peroxiredoxin gene family
(an antioxidant)
LEA-10 gene family
(Late Embryogenesis Abundant; a membrane protein involved in seed desiccation which confers increased stress tolerance)
unaligned FASTA files 1CysPRX.aa.unalign.txt LEA_10.aa.unaligned.txt
aligned FASTA files 1CysPRX.aa.aligned.txt LEA_10.aa.aligned.txt
a tree showing the evolutionary relationships between genes in different organisms (color coded: green=genes from moss; reddish=genes from DT angiosperm) 1CysPRX.tree.pdf LEA_10.tree.pdf
microarray expression data from Arabidopsis Copy_of_1Cys_prx_At1g48130.xls Copy_of_AT1GO4560.xls
graphical representation of key expression patterns in Arabidopsis
PDB structures

structures of 1-Cys-peroxiredoxin

LEA family members

Sporobulus staphianus Genes

These genes are upregulated in Sporobulus staphianus, a desiccation tolerant grass (Blomstedt, et al. 1998). These genes may be used in a BLAST search to identify similar genes in other species.

Thiol protease - may serve a similar function to heat shock proteins, constitutively expressed EMBL Y10780 (protein) EMBL Y10780 (DNA)
Glyoxalase I - is a ubiquitous detoxyfication enzyme EMBL Y10782 (protein) EMBL Y10782 (DNA)
Rhodopsin - unknown function in stress responses EMBL Y10784 (protein) EMBL Y10784 (DNA)

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