The BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium actively supports educators interested in the reform of undergraduate biology and the collaborative development of curricula. We encourage the use of simulations, databases, and computational tools to construct learning environments where students are able to engage in activities like those of practicing scientists.

As an EOT-PACI partner, BioQUEST participates in numerous workshops and presentations in order to introduce undergraduate faculty in both two and four year institutions to high performance computing tools and resources for problem solving in the classroom. BioQUEST seeks collaborative projects with partners within the Alliance and NPACI to explore new instructional opportunities. We invite participation in our curriculum development workshops where faculty both learn about and implement the use of computational tools in curricular materials for their classrooms.


"BioQUEST’s SWoF collaboration culminated in the incorporation of an Access Grid session during our annual national BioQUEST workshop. During this session we had two AG nodes running at the workshop and were connected to Argonne National Lab, Boston University and the Trace Center in Madison Wisconsin. Each one of these nodes brought a unique element to the session. Roscoe Giles from BU discussed the educational impacts of SWOF and the AG; those at the Trace Center provided close captioning service and discussion of the implications of such tools for collaboratories; and Natalia Maltsev from Argonne presented on systems biology."

John Greenler, BQ staff

The Summer 2003 BioQUEST faculty development workshop - Enabling Exploration for Everyone, Everytime, Everywhere - featured an extensive collaboration with SWoF, NCSA, and other EOT-PACI partners and included an introduction of the possibilities of the Access Grid. An interactive session featured bioinformatics education led by a researcher at Argonne. While the main audience was in the Ruth Room, we were in communication with a second subset of our participants located in the Café Bio at Beloit College via a PIG (Personal Interface Grid).

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EOT-PACI Partnership Project:

Computational Tools
in Science

Participants from Clark Atlanta, Emory and Perimeter College were introduced to the Biology WorkBench during the summer 2002 workshop, Implementing Problem Solving Strategies: Investigative Cases for Biology and Chemistry, held at Emory University.