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Investigative Cases
The Case: Light Microscopy Image Captures

These are individually collected pollen samples from Thursday's field trip.


Case Author:
Tun Ong

Case Analysis

Option: Include a know / need to know chart like the one below:

What do you know?
What do you need to know?

Learning Goals




Investigations and Activities



Students will usually obtain additional references or resources to help answer or explore their questions.

Special Data Items

1. Capture_00001.JPG
2. Canna Lori.JPG
3. Tiger Lily_Tun.JPG
4. Squash pollen.JPG
5. zinnias lori.JPG
6. Crepe Mertle_Tun.JPG
7. Capture_00002.JPG
8. Capture_00003.JPG
9. Capture_00004.JPG
10. Capture_00005.JPG
11. Capture_00006.JPG
12. Capture_00007.JPG
13. Capture_00012.JPG
14. Capture_00009.JPG
15. Capture_00010.JPG
16. Capture_00014.JPG
17. Capture_00007.JPG
18. Capture_00008.JPG
19. Capture_00009.JPG


Student Products

Assessment and Evaluation Plan



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