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Evolutionary Bioinformatics:
Globins as a Portal to Exploring Genome Evolution

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Globin Gene Server
A database of sequences alignments and experimental results fro the  beta-like gene cluster of mammals.

This site provides data and tools for studying the function of DNA  sequences, with an emphasis on those involved in the production of  hemoglobin. It includes information about naturally-occurring human  hemoglobin mutations and their effects, experimental data related to  the regulation of the beta-like globin gene cluster, and software  tools for comparing sequences with one another to discover regions  that are likely to play significant roles.

See the following for more info:

Globin PowerPoint by Sam Donovan
     set of tools for finding conserved regions in alignments

Molecule of the month at PDB



Globin Gene Labs

SUPERFAMILY globin (Search for Globin)


Bashford, D., Chothia, C., and Lesk, A. M. (1987). Determinants of a  protein fold: Unique features of the globin bamino acid sequences. J.  Mol. Biol., 196:199-216.

Hardison, Ross.  Hemoglobins from Bacteria to Man: Evolution of
Different Patterns of Gene Expression.




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