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Citrus Canker Meets Easy-Viz

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Margaret Waterman
Southeast Missouri State University

Peter Woodruff
Champlain - St. Lambert College

Linda Weinland
Edison College


Possible Audiences:

BioQUEST Summer Workshop participants  


Brief Overview:


This investigation sought to enhance the visualization of epidemiological data using the Easy Viz tool. Data were extracted visually from part of a spatio-temporal spread map of Miami from the years 1995-1998. They were scored for each of twelve time slices over that period and recorded in an Excel spreadsheet. After saving as a comma-delimited file, they were converted to an Easy Viz compatible format using DataBridge. As can be seen in the accompanying figures, the various visualization options available through Easy Viz augment our ability to follow the time course of the epidemic.


Using the map below which presents data compressed from 12 quarters of sampling, we identified an 11 X 15 block of squares near central Miami. We then constructed an excel spreadsheet showing the data for each of the 12 quarters, in block form. We saved the data as a CSV (MS-DOS) file. Using the data bridge, we prepared the file for Easy Viz. Using Easy Viz, we examined the data in three dimensions  


Project Materials:



Resources and References:

Citrus Canker: The Pathogen and Its Impact

Source of data for Miami

Citrus Canker Exposure Maps

Download EasyViz Version 3

Visit the NCSA DataBridge Web Site

Download DataBridge Version 2

Files we created:

Miami data in Excel (xls file)
Miami data transformed by Data bridge (vtk file)
Poster (ppt file)
Miami Citrus Canker Spatiotemporal Contour (doc file)
Miami Citrus Canker Spread in Wireframe Images (doc file)


Future Directions:

Will be included in the Citrus Canker problem space project  



- miamiData.xls
- miamiovertime.doc
- cceasyvisposter.ppt
- miami.vtk
- wireframemiami.doc
- miamigrid.doc