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Malaria II - Microarray analysis tools
Authors          Audiences          Overview           Materials          Resources           Future Directions



Cole Benton
Jacksonville State University

Karen Klyczek
University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Mark Bergland
University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Chi-Cheng Lin
Winona State University


Possible Audiences:

undergraduate biology instructors and students  


Brief Overview:

Building on the case scenario in Malaria I, we are modifying the Case It! software to simulate microarray analysis of Plasmodium genes. Probes and DNA samples related to the case are made available to the students, and students choose which genes they want to analyze. This will supplement the DNA alignment tools used in Malaria I.  


Project Materials:

Case scenario from Malaria I
Case It! software
Probe sequences from Affymetrix
Perl script for extracting probe sequences
Plasmodium chromosomal DNA sequences
Data table with gene descriptions
Research articles related to case scenario


Resources and References:

NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus data repository

Affymetrix Gene Expression microarray Learning Center

Affymetrix support - source of sequence data files

PlasmoDB sequence database  


Future Directions:

  • work with expression array data to make these large data sets accessible to students
  • continue modifying Case It software to include microarrays and other bioinformatics tools



- MalariaJournalpfmdrPCR.pdf
- Malaria_II_final2.pdf