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Citrus Canker Investigation Space
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Margaret Waterman
Southeast Missouri State University

Ethel Stanley
Beloit College

Peter Woodruff
Champlain - St. Lambert College

Linda Weinland
Edison College

Shane Webb
North Georgia College & State University


Possible Audiences:

Faculty and students from multiple disciples  


Brief Overview:

This project includes background information, data sets, curriculum resources and references.  



- CitrusCankersitemap1.doc
- miamigrid1.doc
- miami2.vtk
- miami1.xls
- miamicvs.csv
- lrp_DNA_align.txt
- CaseFielloOrchards.doc
- CaseUpInTheAir.doc
- Floridamapsdataset.doc
- Hurricane Paths 2004.doc
- Hurricane Paths 2005.doc
- mapdatahurric2004.doc
- Xanthohosts1.doc
- Xanthomonas_taxa_table.doc
- Host-parasite_figure.doc
- Background.doc
- Curricular Resources-Phylogeny1.doc
- matK_DNA_align1.txt
- EasyVizandDatabridge2.doc
- Bibliography1.doc
- Introduction.doc
- Tools.doc
- CitrusCankersitemap3.doc