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Protein Folding in 3-d and 2-d
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Brian White
University of Massachusetts


Possible Audiences:

High School (AP) and College (Intro through upper-level).  


Brief Overview:

We presented a 1-hour workshop on protein folding. It began with a PowerPoint presentation of the major issues in protein folding. We then did a demonstration of 3-d protein structure by looking at the structure of lysozyme and searching for ionic bonds between side chains. We then used a 2-d simulation of protein folding called the "Protein Investigator" which allows the user to enter amino acid sequences which are then folded in 2 dimensions. A screenshot is shown below:


Resources and References:

  • Power point presentation describing protein folding.
  • Web link to lysozyme page.
  • Screenshot of Protein Investigator.
  • Protein Investigator website where you can download Protein Investigator.


Future Directions:

Further development of 3-d presentations and the Protein Investigator.  



- protex1.jpg
- Protex2.jar