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Interactions Among Dissolved Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Dissolved Oxygen at Several Sites in Chesapeake Bay in 2000.
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Charlie Hunter
Southwestern College

Sarah Prescott
University of New Hampshire

Brian White
University of Massachusetts


Possible Audiences:

High School, Intro College  


Brief Overview:

We looked at the correlation between dissolved oxygen and two water quality variables: dissolved nitrogen and dissolved phosphorus. We thought that, if dissolved oxygen were highly correlated with dissolved nitrogen (for example), then that would imply that dissolved nitrogen was limiting or otherwise important at that site. Likewise for dissolved phosphorus. We found that different sites int eh bay had different levels of correlation, but there was no spatial pattern to the data.  


Project Materials:



Resources and References:

  • Eyes on the bay. A list of the water quality monitoring sites in Chesapeake bay. This is useful for finding stations, but it is hard to get large amounts of data from it.
  • Chesapeake bay data hub. This is the site to get large data files from.


Future Directions:

We could apply this technique to other parts of the bay and attempt to correlate the sensitivities to N and P with soil type, etc.