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The Tree P's: The 'Pistemology of Phylogeny
Authors          Audiences          Overview           Materials          Resources           Future Directions



Pamela Pape-Lindstrom
Everett Community College

Michael Bucher
College of San Mateo

Huy Tran
College of San Mateo


Possible Audiences:

College teachers and students
Biology majors and non-majors courses  


Brief Overview:

Curriculum including a sequence of
educational exercises designed to
Introduce students to “tree-thinking;”
Expose students to distance matrices;
Explore the Workbench Problem Space.  


Project Materials:

Exercise with EvolSeq and graph paper
Biological Workbench activity
Instructor-specific introduction to allow use in several different courses
Step-by-step student guide with screenshots to facilitate use of Workbench components.


Resources and References:

Whippo Problem Space


San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) Biology Workbench  


Future Directions:

Link to work in Whippo Problem. Space
Incorporate MacClade in venues supporting Macintosh computers.  



- WebBBhandout1.pdf
- 1dreadessay.doc
- TreePs.ppt
- 2LinnaeanIntro.doc
- 3EvolSeqIntro.doc
- 4HemoglobinMCB.doc