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Workshop Announcement
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BioQUEST Summer 2006 Workshop

The 2007 BioQUEST Summer Workshop, “Exploratory Evolution Education ”, invites participants to construct new curricular materials that are data-rich, problem based, collaborative, and mathematically and computationally intensive. This year, we particularly welcome individuals from institutions who are currently considering revisions to their biology curricula in light of response to several national calls for significant reform of undergraduate education.

This 9-day workshop will feature several distinct mini-workshops in a collaborative setting:

  • Modeling & Multivariate Data Analysis
  • Phylogenetics
  • Investigative Case Based Learning

Additional shorter workshops during the week will focus on applied aspects of evolution in:

  • Medicine, Pharmaceutical Industry, and Biotechnology; Diagnostics/Forensics
  • Agriculture and Food Production/Processing
  • Environmental Protection and Remediation, Conservation
  • Energy (Index Fossils, Sustainability)

Chamberlin Hall
For more information, please contact
Sue Risseeuw
( 608-363-2012 )
We hope that these nine days of sharing, borrowing, transferring and translating ideas will encourage meaningful cross-connections. Certainly the mix of presenters and participants should provide ample opportunities for the first step towards fruitful and lasting collaborations.

Apply by February 9th for guaranteed consideration. Submissions after February 9th but before March 2nd will be evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note that again this year we are charging a modest fee of $495 for room and housing for the nine days in residence. Scholarships are available to a few participants. Every attempt will be made to assist highly qualified and interested applicants to participate.

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