BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium Botanical Society of America Southeast Missouri State University Missouri Botanical Garden
2008 BioQUEST Workshop

Workshop participants

BioQUEST and the Botanical Society of America invite faculty interested in incorporating resources from contemporary plant research into undergraduate curricula.  Join us at the Missouri Botanical Garden and Southeast Missouri State University as we explore a subset of the tools, data, and resources used in plant science with a special emphasis on quantitative reasoning, visualization and inquiry-based learning. 

St. LouisThis 8-day workshop will feature four introductory workshops in a collaborative setting:

  • GIS Research and Education
  • Evolution of Resurrection Plants
  • Plant Genomics
  • Modeling Plant Growth Data

Keyote Speaker:

Barbara Schaal

Barbara Schaal, Washington University

Plant Biology of Cassava/ Education Outreach

Additional shorter workshops during the week
will focus on:

  • OER Commons: Web-based Collaboration and Multidisciplinary Resources
  • Introducing Case-Based Learning
    with Plant Science
  • Introduction to the BioQUEST Library VII OnLine
  • Using ESTEEM tools in the classroom
  • BSA and the PlantingScience Project

Special Features to this summer's workshop:

  • Tour of the Herbarium at the Missouri Botanical Garden (MBG)
  • Special Introduction to resources available at MBG
  • Picnic at the River Campus
  • Evening excursion to riverfront Old Town Cape

Cape Girardeau, MOWe hope that these eight days of sharing, borrowing, transferring and translating ideas will encourage meaningful cross-connections. The mix of presenters and participants provides a foundation for fruitful and lasting collaborations.